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Frequent Questions

Caring for your art

As with any valuable fine art piece, it is recommended that your print be displayed in an indirect lighting condition and away from any contact with moisture. Using archival materials for mats, backing and spacers, museum quality framing and UV protected glass/plexiglass will add to the life of your print. The artwork should never directly touch the glass/plexiglass.

Giclee prints on paper:

The paper of the print itself needs to be handled carefully to prevent absorption of oils and/or marks from fingertips. Avoid dents or creases. as these are impossible to remove .

Giclee prints on canvas:

When stretching canvas prints, do not steam the back of the canvas to remove wrinkles. This will cause your image to turn yellow and if not properly dried, it will allow fungus to grow on your canvas. When stretching using rounded stretcher bars, reduce the amount of tension by 10% to 20%, depending on your humidity and temperature. This should reduce any sagging of the print in the future. Changes in humidity and temperature will cause sagging even to originals. You should clean your canvas print with a dry, lint free cloth. Never wet or moisten the cloth to clean your Glclee canvas print.

Please store your final canvas or paper print in a controlled environment for humidity and temperature. The extra care given, will allow you to enjoy your art for many years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions